Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today's ride

I like to think that I learn something new each time I ride. Here are some subtle observations about tonight's ride in no particular order.

1. Why does Tri-guy take off out of the gate so fast? Does he think he's "Dropping the Group"
I don't know him but I figure he's the kind of guy that thinks he owns the ride. Note to Tri- guy next time you want to ride alone, why don't you just ride from your house.

2. Squirrel road can't get fixed soon enough. I'm suprised that I haven't bent a wheel hitting
some of those I mean potholes.

3. DK was correct on his assessment of Luke's GF's Boobs...They are the kind that any guy
would like. I know some guy's like em big and some small but SHIT those things looked
perfect....I still can't get the vision out of my mind...And yes Luke did overachieve from what
I can tell unless her face is awfully buttery or she's got some serious cottage cheese going on
below the waist...but I doubt that.

4. Don't drink a coke and eat Thai food after a ride or you will end up awake at 3 am blogging

5. Stay away from the "SICK GUY" who is coughing so loudly that you think he must have just
gotten over a case of whooping cough. The last thing you want to get is sick a week before

Monday, July 28, 2008

The best therapy

It's amazing what a good old chill ride can do for one's spirit. After spending the weekend at work lamenting the fact that I couldn't do the Stoney TT (that and some personal BS) I had alot of pent up angst. I really was looking for some choads to chase down today but since that didn't happen I made the best of a "rest day" and got 2 good laps in....The best thing is that after the ride all my angst was gone...instead I felt lighter and didn't give a crap about all the Drama of the workplace. I wonder if Steve and Carl have ever taken their tandem to Pontiac Lake?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's try this again....They're Buddies

I don't really know what to say about this one....My only goal after last nights race was to get in some EASY miles so I decided to head out through Rochester up the Paint Creek Trail where I came across these two guys. They were riding this vintage tandem which they purchased off of Craig's list for $150.00. It seems like for these two it was money well spent. Carl is the stoker who is wearing a backpack with a boom box in the back of it. Alice in Chains and Nirvana were pumping as we cruised along at a leisurely pace. The two said that people often give them strange looks and stare at them but it didn't seem to bother them today. As they exited the trail and headed for Downtown I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if these two sprung a flat....There was no quick release and I knew they couldn't have been carrying a tube. To each their own... It just proves that on a nice day all you need is your buddy and some wheels for a fun time. Oh BTW the headtube had a badge on it which read "Firestone". I wonder if this was some sort of bike built by the tire company. I'm sure I could do some research. If anyone has an idea let me know...TC


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things I learned today

This evening was fun at the least for me. Over the course of the summer I have really come to like the races every other thursday at the Waterford Hills. The racing is fun and for me a way to stay fit but the true fun is had after the race when you can share a few beers with some friends. Tonights thoughts include... Timmy is way more funny when he has a cold and is recovering from a week of hell at Superweek. Seriously Tim looked stoned after tonights race and I thought he might pass out after one beer. Secondly we learned that our young Friend Luke has seriously OVERACHIEVED in the Girlfriend department...Enough said. Thirdly we learned that Dybo can freakin put down the Bells....Seriously I no sooner handed Ray a beer turned around to put my bottle opener back in my car than Ray was handing me an empty...I thought he was kidding but let me tell you that thing was DEAD!!!!!I always feel bad when I don't have enough beer for Ray, so lets just say that at the next race in 2 weeks there will be a little something special waiting for Raymond. That's all for now...TC

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Must see Thursday nights

I can't wait for this thursday at the track. I'm not sure what the weather forcast is but I'm betting there isn't going to be a 6 man break on the third lap of a two hour race. Then again there might be. Regardless of where I finish there is one thing for sure...There will once again be post race libations. Something dark? Hmm I wonder what I might find at the local party store. Err Wine Shop. Regardless it should be fun. Just for extra kicks I might stop by the going away party for one of my co-workers that is scheduled for Coyote Joe's later that night. I'm sure there will be more drinking and maybe even the mechanical bull will be working....All are invited....Any takers? That's all for now...Leave any beer suggestions and I will peruse them later. Can you really dance on the bar at that place?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The need to suffer

After riding this weekend I've decided that to make the step up to the next level I need to suffer more. This conclusion came to me after riding a hot lap at PLRA followed up by a short backroad ride to a new secret hill climb spot which had me gasping for air and seeing stars. I think I'm gonna have to incorporate that into some of my new workouts. One other thing worth mentioning that happened today. On our ride out to the secret site we had to ride a short section of open trails that run along some power lines. On one of the descents Erin hit an erosion rut which caused her to endo and crash. Unfortunately I was about 30 feet behind her and saw the whole crash. I was expecting the worst but like a trooper she dusted herself off, wiped away some blood and carried on like nothing ever happened. That girl is tough as nails....TC